Wear & damage detection

Wear & damage detection

Exline offers a series of basic but very effective devices to protect your engine from damage as a result of wear of moving parts.

Engine damage control can be achieved by a series of different wear detectors will keep rotating or reciprocating engine parts from wearing out up to a point wear damage becomes inevitable.

Save costs and protect your engine from major damage by installing some of the available wear detection sensors at your most critical engine parts like shafts and bearings. Most damage protection sensors are available in pneumatic and electric versions.

Models and Features

There is a wide range of sensors and indicators available, each of them for a different protective purpose. Check the overview brochure or click on the individual devices to find out how they work and protect your valuable engine, compressor or other machinery.

  • Electronic Compressor Rod Drop Indicator
  • Compressor Rod Drop Indicator
  • Dual Sensor Assembly
  • Electronic Devices Stationary / Thermowell
  • Electrical Temperature Sensor
  • Electronic Trip Switch
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor
  • Over Travel Indicator
  • Positive Flow Indicator
  • Roller Type Wear Detector
  • Vented Roller Type Wear Detector
  • Stationary Sensor
  • Stationary Striker Sensor
  • Striker Sensor
  • Thermowell
  • Trip Valve

More from Exline

Besides the damage protection products, Exline, based in Salina USA, also provides comprehensive services related to maintenance and overhaul of large engines, compressors and hot engine parts such as bearings and pistons. Visit the website for more information.