Knock detection

Altronic knock detection system for stationary engines

An engine that goes into knock can suffer from major damage. It is highly important to make sure that your engine is protected from severe knock and it’s destroying effects on the engine.

Altronic has developed an excellent knock detection system that allows engine operators to prevent unnecessary engine damage and cost. Investing in a good functioning knock control system is never a waste of money. Engine knock is often difficult to prevent and its presence can be hard to hear even though it is present and “hurting” the engine. For all applications where engine load or speed can fluctuate strongly, or the calorific value of the fuel changes frequently, is a knock detection system a wise investment.

Altronic DET 1600 en DET 1620 knock sensing systeem

Altronic’s universal DET 16xx series knock sensing systems are worldwide used on engines of many makes and sizes.

DET 1600 – knock detection / knock sensing

Knock sensing system for engines using an Altronic CD200, DISN, or CPU-95 ignition system.

DET 1620 – knock detection / knock sensing

Knock control system for engines equipped with an Altronic CPU-2000 ignition system. 

DET-1600 knock sensing functionality

Altronics modestly priced DET-1600 detonation monitoring system protects stationary gas engines against destructive knock/detonation. The system protects the engine for in-cylinder misfiring through automatic load reduction and engine shutdown features. The system can be hooked up in conjunction with most Altronic digital ignition systems for automatic ignition timing retard in case of detected knock. The system operates with relatively low priced automotive knock sensors.

See the DET-1600 brochure for more details on Altronic knock detection system.