Actuators for industrial engines

For any engine, a reliable fuel control system is very important. Hatraco represents the best products in the field of actuators and other fuel mixing devices.

Check the different actuator types at the Heinzmann, GAC  programs or the new Hoerbiger / Altronic ActuCom. Our actuator program offers models for large, medium and small stationary engines and for automotive applications. Special actuator versions can be found in the program of GAC with their linear actuators. There are models for direct built on fuel pumps of Delphi, Bosch and Stanadyne. Other versions can be mounted directly on the engine or integrated with the throttle valve housing.

Service and repair for actuators

We do more than the supply of new engine products only. Service crew is ready to service and repair virtually any product within the delivery program of Hatraco and even beyond that in special cases. Check our service team at for the options to have your actuator repaired or overhauled at Hatraco.