Igniters & flame rods

Igniters for burners and boilers

In many industrial production processes that require process heat, boilers or burners are being used to heat liquids, water or make process steam.

Boilers that use natural gas as a fuel are fitted with an ignition system to light the fuel / start up the heating process. Just like in the gas heating system at home, the heating process is started by a tiny spark created by a special type of spark plug.  This spark plug is called an igniter and is also available at Hatraco as part of the Auburn Ignition Products line. Hatraco offers Auburn igniters and flame rods throughout Europe.

Flame rods and igniters in many versions from Auburn

The Auburn program consists of a great diversity of ionizing plug. Models with single center electrodes and also a family with both center-electrode and ground electrode. The electrode length may vary from a few centimeters up to over 1 meter as a special order. The electrode length depends on the burner construction and the positioning of the burner in the combustion chamber. In some cases the igniter electrode is sticking through a long tube. It requires a long center electrode. In other mechanisms, the igniter pen is moved towards the combustion chamber and retracted again after ignition has taken place.