Spark plugs

Spark plugs for stationary engines

A very important component in any spark ignited engine is of course the spark plug itself. In spite of the simple component that a spark plug appears to be, it is a very sophisticated and important item in the combustion process.

It is of the upmost importance to pick the best spark plug for each application. A sparking plug needs to meet a whole set of conditions in order to perform well in the engine. Heat range, threading type and seat, nose projection, torque value, electrode gap size and electrode-material alloys. Every aspect plays a part in the spark plug performance. This is why there is no single plug that “has it all” and for that reason Hatraco supplies a larger industrial spark plug program than any other party in Europe. Heavy duty spark plugs are the best plugs that are manufactured in general and need to perform under much heavier conditions than the average automotive spark plug. We are talking higher cylinder pressures, higher cylinder temperatures and ignition voltages and at the same time much longer plug life is required. Stationary engines don’t always run on clean fuels like home quality natural gas. In many cases, engines need to run on dirty gases like well-head gas, sewage gas, waste gas, mine gas, wood gas etc. These type of fuels can be severely contaminated, low ignitability (low BTU)  or contain aggressive elements. It requires a precise spark plug choice. Industrial spark plug form an exceptional spark plug family and are commonly only available through specialist sales parties. Hatraco is more than happy to help you personally and specify the best plug for your application. This is why you will not find our spark plug program in a web-shop.

The largest program in the European industrial spark plug business

Hatraco is the best address for advice and supply of industrial spark plugs. Not only do we offer the largest program, for decennia already we are recognized by the biggest manufacturers as product specialist. We stay in contact with the specialist engineers that actually design and develop the plugs at the well-known brands that we represent. It allows us to provide you with the best spark plugs available on the aftermarket regardless the make and model of your engine. Additionally, we supply certain OEM special prechamber plugs for engines like Caterpillar, Guascor, MWM and Liebherr or special high performance spark plugs for GE Jenbacher engines with extreme long spark plug life.  We work closely with various engineering companies and manufacturers like Bosch, Federal Mogul Beru & Champion and Denso on special spark plug versions. Some of them are exclusive designs and only available through us. Finally, we offer shielded and integral type spark plugs of Champion, Stitt Spark Plug and the BG Service Co. for applications in explosion endangered areas.