Harnesses / wire looms

Cable harnesses for industrial machinery

With many years of experience in the industry of industrial gas engines, Hatraco works with all kinds of connections needed to connect cable components together.

This varies from spark plug wires to complex motor control wiring harnesses. Customers approach us for both the design and manufacture of a wide variety of cables for communication, control and power supply components and operating systems on machines.

Harnesses - variants

As every engine application is different, each wire harness is designed differently. Hatraco designs harnesses using basic drafts and then refining the design in compliance with conditions of use and the required CE requirements or other standards. In most cases the cable harness design is executed according to one of the following designs:

  • Open wire: from the terminating connectors, the wiring is carried out in loose strands and are led individually or bundled into other components
  • Flex-tube conduit: wire is led through flexible tubing for protection of the wire from external damage. This tubing is built from PE flexible hose, specially designed for industrial applications
  • Braided hose: for neat bundling of wires braided hose is used. The protective effect is less than in the application of flexible hose, but the open structure makes it easier branching out and the whole is more flexible at the laying of turns.

Hatraco is a small business; we are at our best when dealing with small quantities at high product variation, Are you looking for a partner to design and manufacture special harnesses / wiring looms, please contact us for the possibilities.