GTI Bi-fuel

GTI-Bi-Fuel for diesel engines

Hatraco proudly offers the remarkable Altronic GTI Bi-fuel system. On certain, sometimes very remote locations, diesel engines are used for local power generation or as emergency back-up units.

Running these engines can be very costly due to the large amounts of diesel that are consumed. In certain applications, the diesel fuel needs to be provided over long distances which makes it even more expensive. Typically on oil and gas drilling and production locations, gas may be free at hand. The GTI-Bi-fuel system makes it possible to substitute a certain percentage natural gas or other gas type fuel to the regular diesel fuel, creating 3 typical benefits:

  1. Lower level of diesel consumption (free gas substation, reducing the total fuel cost).
  2. Exhaust emissions levels improve (less diesel particulate).
  3. Longer running time on stored fuel amount. (particularly important with emergency generator sets)

Het GTI-Bi-Fuel is NOT a dual-fuel system in the sense that it can completely switch over from one fuel type to the other. The Altronic GTI system does not alter the existing fuel system of the basic diesel engine. De engine will still be able to run as a 100% diesel engine after the Bi-fuel system is installed but inactive. The GTI system is an indirectly responsive system. It is a reactive (following) system and does not actively intervene with the existing fuel control system. It will never substitute more gas than configured with the system set-up to avoid misfiring or other problems on the engine. If anything happens, the engine will immediately shut down the gas substitution and after which the engine will continue in a 100% diesel mode in standard setting. A GTI Bi-fuel installation does not compromise the standard output power of the engine.

GTI Bi-Fuel installation and support

Hatraco has officially trained people not qualified to install and configure GTI bi-fuel systems. We offer sales and service, repair and warranty handling for the Bi-fuel system. Trained technicians can assist with the installation on the engine, wherever they may be located in the world. For extensive information on the different models and FAQ we can direct you to and