About Hatraco

Worldwide supplier, manufacturer and distributor of customized industrial engine equipment.

Official distributor for:
Altronic  |  Auburn  |  Beru  |  Bosch  |  Denso  |  Exline  |  FM  |  Goetze  |  Kenco  |  Kineteco  |  Kocsis  |  TDI

Service centre for:
TDI  |  Altronic

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Hatraco PCP MWM

Hatraco® PCP for MWM® TCG 2016:  71.018-06


global dealer distributor network Hatraco Motortech

Hatraco is proud of their worldwide dealer network

The Hatraco dealers:

Exciting news Hatraco US Canada

We are proud to announce that our long awaited wish to start a Rep. Office in US & Canada has come true.

We are proud to announce that our long time partnership with Governors America Corp.