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Worldwide supplier, manufacturer and distributor of customized industrial engine equipment.

Official distributor for:
Altronic  |  Auburn  |  Beru  |  Bosch  |  Denso  |  Exline  |  FM  |  Goetze  |  Kenco  |  Kineteco  |  Kocsis  |  TDI

Service centre for:
TDI  |  Altronic

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Hydraulic StarterHatraco MWM RailBosch 7308 industrial sparkplugHatraco acquires KinetecoShipment ExtensionsBosch 7339 in stock


Latest news

In one of our latest posts we've informed you about the environmental consciousness of Hatraco.

A Kineteco spring starter can be used anywhere a diesel engine needs to be started, whatever the conditions.

Bosch 7308

At Hatraco we have large stock available of the Bosch 7308. When ordering today, means shipment next day!

Hatraco acquired Kineteco Spring starter Starters

Exciting news – Hatraco acquires Kineteco