Hydraulic starters

KTI Hydraulic starters

Compared to alternative starters, hydraulic starters have various advantages. First of all they produce a higher speed and torque.

This leads to more efficient and faster engine starting. Additionally a Beryllium Copper pinion can be added to make the hydraulic starter meet the Class 1, Div. 1 environments requirements.

KTI & TDI Hydraulic Starting Equipment

Besides the performance advantages hydraulic starting systems are also an excellent choice in both low and high temperatures as the system is almost unaffected by the temperature of the environment. Hydraulic starting systems have also proven their use in emergency situations. During these critical moments a “black start” condition can be overcome in combination with a hand pump.

There is also a cost benefit. Hydraulic systems have a lower lifetime costs compared to other starting methods as the moving parts are constantly lubricated. This often leads to the starting system outliving the life of the engine.

Gas turbine starters

Even though the advantages discussed already show hydraulic starters have great benefits over many alternative starters, going for a hydraulic starter sometimes is even unavoidable. In some cases air starters can’t be used, for example due to lack of physical space or because of certain rules and regulations.

The hydraulic turbine starter of TDI can be used on various stationary gas turbines including the GE LM2500 series, LM6000 series, Pratt & Whitney FT4, Dresser Rand 990 and more. It is an excellent and affordable alternative to other gas turbine starters because of its solid construction, unique internal power distribution and linkage and well conducted nasal structure.