Electronic Rod Drop Indicator

electronic compressor rod drop indicator

An Electronic Rod Drop Indicator is used to protect rotating rods or shafts against wear and save maintenance cost and possible compressor damage or engine damage. Rod drop indicators represent just a small investment against shaft wear compared to the high cost of reworking or exchanging compressor or engine shafts.

An Electronic Rod Drop Indicator is installed directly beneath the compressor rod to detect wear. If wear occurs on the piston, piston riders or cylinders, the compressor rod drops and makes contact with the indicator. Continuous temperature readout will trigger a shutdown or an alarm upon temperature increase. Connect them to existing control circuitry or check with Hatraco to have a complete system including monitoring panel installed.

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Durable No-Maintenance Design

Standard units house a Type “J” ungrounded thermocouple. The Electronic Compressor Rod Drop Indicator is equipped with a standard 5 meter length, TFE-coated lead wire that can be either encased in a flexible braided stainless steel overlay or supplied ready to be installed in metal conduit. The thermocouple allows for a temperature range from approximately -5°C to 750°C. Custom made wire lengths are available in increments of 1,5 meter.For installation details and sizes, check attached brochure.