Gas valves

Gas valves for industrial engines

A precise and properly working gas valve is essential for any engine. Hatraco offers gas- or throttle valves and other gas control devices. Customers can choose from static and dynamic gas control valves with extra features.

We also offer valves for engines that are fitted with a fuel-injection system. The programs of Altronic and Heinzmann offer sufficient choice of gas valves in many versions. The program contains the basic Altronic AGV5 valve but also the more sophisticated GOV-10 governor for large injected engines. Hyperfuel™ is Altronic’s full electronic high pressure injection system for very large reciprocating engines and integral compressors.

Gas valve service and repair facility

Being Altronic’s European service center, Hatraco can provide service and repairs on most of tye fuel control products. We also handle service requests for Heinzmann products. Check our service department for more information.