Hydraulic starting systems

Hydraulic starting systems

Hydraulic starting systems are the perfect solution when it comes to engine starting, either in a normal or critical situation. Powered by Kocsis Technologies Inc. premium quality products, Hatraco’s hydraulic starting systems are extremely reliable under the hardest conditions and nearly unaffected by extreme temperatures. Hatraco’s hydraulic starting systems are suitable for on- and offshore application.

By manual operation and using a hand pump, hydraulic starting systems are capable of overcoming a “black start” condition proven to be critical during emergency situations. Hatraco’s hydraulic starting systems are available in a basic configuration or customized according to specifications and can be purchased whether as an assembled kit or in separate components.


Our systems are designed and based on required capacity as function of engine displacement and start duration. This covers engines from 1 up to 100 litres and a start duration up to 90+ seconds. Hatraco offers system designs according to the required specifications for marine, offshore, oil and gas, and mining.

Operating Principle

The hydraulic start system is developed to charge, store and release hydraulic fluid in hydro pneumatic accumulators at high pressure.
The hydraulic fluid is pumped by means of a manual-, motor- or engine driven pump from the hydraulic reservoir to the hydro pneumatic accumulator. From the hydraulic reservoir to the pump the hydraulic fluid passes through a first stage low pressure filter.


From the pump to the accumulator, it is directed through a second stage high pressure filter. By means of a pre-charged hydro pneumatic accumulator the pressure is build up to 207 bar which equals the maximum operating pressure of the system. When the maximum pressure is reached the pump will be switched off. When it drops below a pre-defined minimum pressure level the pump will be switched on again. In case of a starting event, a manual-, electromagnetic-or pneumatic operated valve releases the accumulator pressure and clears the way for the hydraulic fluid towards the piston type starter motor.

Before the hydraulic fluid enters the starter motor it passes through a soft engagement valve. This valve ensures a smooth engagement and pressure build-up of the starter motor pinion with the ring gear of the flywheel. The hydraulic fluid that went through the starter motor is returned to the hydraulic reservoir.