Dump valves

Freeze resistant dump valves

The KENCO KDV Series "No-Freeze" Dump Valve is a pneumatically controlled dump valve designed for liquid level control in scrubbers, gas separators and other processes in liquid-filled pressure vessels.

Kenco KDV pressure relief valve / dump valve for pressure vessels

The dump valves of Kenco are specifically designed for level-monitoring in conjunction with pressure vessels or scrubbers and air washers, usually with the aim of removing gaseous components from a contaminated source gas by allowing it to absorb it in a "washing" fluid. A Dump valve or overflow valve is used to ensure that the fluid does not exceed a certain level and be disposed in case it does. The design is performed in such a way that the valve cannot freeze in cold weather.

The dump valves from the series of Kenco KDBV are available with 1 "or 2" NPT process connections. The sizes of the discharge conduit is 1/2 ", 3/4" and 1 ", depending on the selected model. The valve control pressure range is 2-5 bar, depending on the model and the process pressure. There are relief valve models available up to a process pressure of approximately 140 bar.