Exhaust silencer / mufflers

DCL International – advanced catalytic mufflers for stationary engines

DCL QUICK-LID® catalytic silencers are designed for stationary engines from 200 - 3000 hp (149-2237 kW), and combine the reduction of engine exhaust noise with emission-reduction.

A compact product is realized by combining both functions in one integrated package. QUICK-LID® catalytic mufflers can quickly available and simple to install. The QUICK-LID product line is applicable for natural gas engines and vehicles driving on compressed gas in the branch of power generation, co-generation, liquid pumps and cooling or any other application where ease of service is an important factor.

DCL International - QUICK-LID catalytic silencers

  • Standardized design, enabling short lead times and various reduction functions and silencing options. These options are adjustable to the user conditions like industrial, critical and hospital environments.
  • Robust design: a strong construction, self-supporting stainless steel catalyst housing and a soft steel silencer.
  • Adjustable mounting seats for quick and simple installation.
  • Available in diverse mounting standards, including ANSI and DIN bolt pattern flanges.
  • Patented soldered and non-soldered metal substrate. This creates durability on the long run against minimum cost.
  • Low pressure limitation on the engine, give top performance.
  • Cover plate and cover easily removable for quick replacement catalyst elements for user friendly service.
  • Service friendly locking nuts and bolts.
  • Pressure tested enclosure for resistance against exhaust explosions.
  • Built in space for converter upgrades and changes of the mufflers.
  • Available with diesel oxidation, natural gas oxidation and three-way catalyst (NSCR) coatings.