Exline Striker Sensor

Exline Striker Sensor

The Exline Striker Sensor is used primarily in sensing the temperature of connecting rod bearings and other moving engine parts. The Striker Sensor is made of stainless steel for optimal service even in corrosive environments. The Striker Sensor contains a temperature sensitive fuse-metal collar which holds a spring-loaded plunger in position. The collar is made of specific quantities of special metal alloys which melt at a predetermined temperature. The Striker Sensor is installed with the fuse-metal end closest to the bearing or temperature-producing area. A break-off dowel or trip valve is mounted directly in line with the Striker Sensor at a stationary point and connected to the pneumatic or hydraulic control media via tubing. Clearance is set so that the Striker Sensor passes the break-off dowel or trip valve on each revolution. If an excessive temperature buildup occurs in the protected area, the fuse-metal collar melts. The plunger then strikes the break-off dowel, trip valve or electronic trip switch. A pressure drop in a pneumatic or hydraulic control system or electronic signal results. This pressure drop can be used to shut down the equipment or sound an alarm. The fuse-metal collar can be economically and quickly replaced at our factory. The break-off dowel is easily removed and replaced.

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Typical applications

  • Power rod journal
  • Compressor rod journal
  • Crosshead pins
  • Skirt of piston*

* used as part of Dual Sensor