Engine control

Just like in a car are stationary industrial engines also featured with a variety of instruments and c that are often connected to a central engine control system (engine control system).

Hatraco supplies a wide range of control modules and tools for specific functions within the engine control. In Europe, drives the vast majority of the industry motors a generator. To make a stable generator and necessary under the right to allow synchronization with the power distribution grid are specific instruments run to ensure that the engine drives the generator in the correct manner. The best known variant is the emergency generator where the driving motor mostly concerns a diesel engine. In other applications, for example, a motor drives a pump or a compressor. In international gas pipelines, large gas engines drive a piston compressor to keep the pipeline gas across many kilometers under sufficient pressure.

The fuel line at the gas or diesel engine in turn must itself also be controlled again based on various parameters. The engine load is also controlled. There are also systems that handle engine cooling, inlet air pressure, exhaust gas temperatures, ignition, mixture control, emission values ​​etc. Hatraco offers a wide range of monitoring and measuring instruments for the optimal functioning of the engine.

Instrumentation for optimum engine control

Hatraco supplies a wide range of devices for the safe operation of the engine under optimal conditions. A brief overview of instruments:
• Generator Control
• Compressor control and surveillance
• Pressure gauges and other pressure control and monitoring equipment
• Mains synchronization equipment
• Speed ​​control
• Starting systems (Gas, air and electric)
• Annunciators (processing of various readings)
• Engine load control
• Generator-load sharing (in island and parallel mode)
• Knock detection systems
• Ignition Systems
• Cooling System
• Lubrication and oil level control
• Wear monitoring
• Temperature monitoring (pyrometers)
• Compressor monitoring
• Sensors

The detailed program measurement and control devices of Altronic, Kenco, TDI Tech Development, Exline, Heinzmann, GAC and Bosch provide solutions to any control and monitoring function for virtually every engine.