Generator control

Generator management systems

In order to use the various operational control functions of a generator like synchronizing, load sharing, monitoring and communication we also offer complete solutions.

An example is the THESEUS DGM-02 system of Heinzmann. This system features a long list of standard functions:

  • Synchronizing
  • kW load control
  • kW load sharing
  • PC-controlled configuration and monitoring options
  • Voltage-synchronizing
  • PF (Power Factor) control
  • KVAr load sharing
  • Generator safety
  • Automatic sequencing
  • CAN communication
  • Dynamic (real-time) alarm/data logging

Generator total control systems, examples

Generator management systems are available is many setups. From basic control modules to wide-ranging gas engine -generator management systems with all kinds of integrated features and communication options. Hatraco joins forces with various manufacturers. Some examples are:


  • the THESEUS DGM-02 system


CRE Technologies:

  • ACGEN 2.0: Automatic startup control with remote start/stop option
  • ICGEN  2.0 : Automatic transfer start control
  • TCGEN 2.0: Automatic mains safety control



  • Delomatic 4: Gas engine/generator management system
  • Delomatic 400: Gas engine/generator management system


Every manufacturer offers certain specific and unique characteristics. For example:

  • Integrated speed control
  • Different communication protocols
  • Integration with OEM type governors
  • Extended status overviews and visual / graphic display of control settings and other process data
  • Full gas engine/generator controls