Catalytic converters

Catalytic converters for industrial applications

DCL is a world leading manufacturer of integrated catalytic converters. Hatraco is proud of the representation of DCL International, which is able to bring several production processes together under one roof:

  • Substrate production
  • Catalytic coating
  • The construction of converter enclosures
  • Integration of the exhaust system

Next to the production abilities, DCL offers extensive engineering and test capabilities in close corporation with the worldwide network of distributors. Only one single contact point for the development, design, test and approval. This integrated customer approach assures for focused solutions, short lead times and improved quality control.

DCL international; bringing solutions to any catalytic question

DCL offers a broad selection of exhaust catalysts for stationary engines and turbines turbines used in power generation, CHP (combined heat & power), fluid pump and gas compression applications. The stationary products consist of catalytic converters, catalytic silencers, diesel particulate filter, SCR systems and catalytic heat exchanging systems.

DCL Metalcor® catalyst elements are available for all DCL stationary enclosures. The DCL elements can also be used for replacement of elements that use housings of other manufacturers. 

Catalytic converters for regular trucks and other commercial vehicles

DCL offers a complete line of diesel oxidation and 3-way catalysts. With versions for “on-highway” applications, like busses, taxis and trucks. DCL flow-through soot filters are internationally recognized and provide self-regeneration of particles under normal light cycles.

Catalytic converters Off-Road solutions

DCL MINE-X® catalytic mufflers reduce carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC), hazardous contaminants and irritants in the exhaust of diesel engines. Mine-X is especially designed for the demanding user conditions of heavy off-road vehicles. Mine-x parts are extremely durable and require no maintenance during their live. Frequent applications can be found in mining, construction, excavating vehicles, or nearly every off-highway diesel driven vehicle. MINE-X® catalytic converters are ideal for vehicles that require quick and easy retrofits of the emission control catalyst.