Ignition coils for Altronic ignition systems on stationary engines

Ignition systems are built up from several different components. An important component is the ignition coil. This large coil, or high voltage transformer, changes the output voltage initiated by the ignition module into high tension between 20-40kV. This voltage is required to create the spark between the electrodes of the spark plug. High voltage is required due to the high pressure in the cylinder creating resistance against the initiation of the spark. Today’s modern engines run on very lean fuel mixtures for environmental reasons. This also requires a much stronger spark and higher spark voltages. Hatraco is distributor of Altronic products for Europe, supplying all available ignition coils in their program. Apart from the Altronic line we can offer ignition coils from other vendors like GAC, Heinzmann and Bosch.

Special ignition coils for industrial purpose

Ignition coils or ignition transformers are available in many different shapes and sizes. The main difference is the rate between the primary and secondary coil windings. Then there are coils with reversed polarity, long spark duration and models in steel housing with threaded connections for use in explosion endangered areas (ATEX / CSA).