Measuring instruments

Instruments for measurement and monitoring of machines and processes

The delivery program of the represented manufacturers offer a broad range of special measuring instruments. From very specific process data monitors up to generic PLC-style data converters.

From basic temperature monitors to complete gas engine/compressor-control systems on panels in cabinets. The great choice and smart selection contributes to an optimal data availability giving a more efficient and safe operating process at lower cost.

Instrumentation – an selection from a broad offering

Pressure measurement: Altronic: pressure gauge / manometer and annunciator (digital/analog data converters), various safety shutdown devices.
Temperature: Altronic: pyrometers, combined temperature monitoring instruments
Emission: Altronic: Emission-compliance monitoring system (ECMD-100 Emissions Compliance Monitoring and Data logging System)
Wear detection: Exline: pneumatic- en electronic wear detector. Wear-striker sensors en roller-type wear detectors
Vibration: Altronic: VSM series vibration detection en vibration monitoring modules
Interface modules: GAC: communication and linkage to third party OEM systems like Woodward, Cummins, Volvo, Dyna, MTU and Caterpillar
Data readers: GAC: J1939 data reader with display showing engine parameters via the common J1939 protocol.
Time measurement: Altronic: hour meter, in divers combinations with other data.
Flow control: Kenco: flow meter and no-flow detector
Liquid level: Kenco: level regulators and level-safety switch. Auburn: liquid level measuring probes / level electrodes. (See also our section of Oil Level Regulators)
Ignition timing: Altronic: ignition timing indicator in various models