A world of opportunities

If you look around you will see that many industrial on- and off road vehicles like dump trucks, fork lifts, mining trucks, excavators, commercial transport, agricultural vehicles and construction equipment make use of small and medium sized industrial engines.
The industry market is comprehensive and offers more opportunities.

We have a lot of experience with improving these heavy duty stationary engines on ignition related parts, exhaust gas treatment and starting products. We have own departments for engineering, production and services. This makes us a flexible partner to work with on all business fronts and to help you with the best solution for your application. We are active in the bus & truck market, gas heating pumps, construction & mining machines and more industry related applications.

Solutions for:

Dump trucks, mining trucks, excavators, transport-agricultural vehicles, airport pushback trucks, lawn movers, industrial furnaces, heaters, industrial ovens, ovens in general, grain dryers and many more.

A selection of available products: