Oil level control

Oil level control for industrial engines

Lubricating oil reduces wear on moving parts and may also contribute to the cooling of rubbing parts.

Hatraco represents the entire program of Kenco, an extensive range of oil level control units and level switches for monitoring and protection of machines such as stationary diesel engines, gas engines, compressors and turbines.

Kenco - Overview oil level controls and level safety parts

The Kenco program consists of a wide collection of tools that ensure a reliable flow and circulation of lubricating oil or other liquid media. This can be level controls and other safety devices are level on the machine side, as well as gauge glasses and storage vessels to the supply side of the system. All instruments are standard versions are available and CSA / ATEX versions for use in (explosion) hazardous operating environments. In addition, various types of material are available preventing that the applied medium affects the instruments. An overview:

  • Oil level regulator devices
  • Oil Level Switches (combinations of high and low level alarm settings) based mechanical float technique or ultrasonic sensor technology
  • Thermal safety valves
  • Oil consumption meters
  • Oil storage tanks / storage barrels and poles
  • Flow-proximity switches
  • Visual flow indicators
  • High-pressure flow indicators and heavy duty versions
  • No-flow detectors (no-flow switches)
  • Mechanical level floats
  • Special "radiator" filler caps
  • A comprehensive program of industrial level gauges for industrial, marine and petrochemical applications in numerous designs and materials.
  • Industrial, pneumatic overpressure valves (dump valves) for gas separators and scrubbers.