Flow detection

Flow detection instruments

In many processes, it is important that there is a guaranteed flow of a certain medium.

In the case of industrial engines or rotary machines, for example, it is necessary to have a continuous flow of lubricant oil or cooling water. Hatraco offers various devices to control and secure the flow of liquid or compressed air.

Kenco, flow indicator

The KENCO FVSF, CSF and ASF series flow indicator is designed to allow the operator of a process to visually check the presence of a flow of a fluid through a conduit. The transparent intermediate tube 360 ​​which is provided with a strong housing with mounting flanges is carried out clearly shows that the medium is in motion. There are flow indicator models in various versions and in resistant materials suitable for high temperature processes.

Kenco, no-flow switch

Another protection is the current NFS mute switch from Kenco. This safety switch will switch as soon as the medium (oil) comes to a stop. A small internal plunger which is pushed away of a switching contact by the medium as long as it is flowing. When the flow /pressure drops to zero, the plunger will move by a spring to the contact and close that contact so that the machine is stopped. A typical application is the mounting point between the lubrication device and the machine section that needs to be lubricated.

Exline, positive flow indicator

Exline produces positive flow indicators. This indicator shows the presence of flow in a pneumatic or hydraulic hose at the point of the indicator. This is presented by means of a small plunger that protrudes forward out of the housing. The projection length is a measure of the condition of the medium in the line and is provided with colors (green is normal operation, red and yellow is leakage is out of service). This protection is used only as a flow detector and does not function as a safety switch itself.