Control panels & cabinets

Control panels for engines and machines

For many years, Hatraco supplies and builds complete control panels and control cabinets for the industry. 
In particular control panels for industrial engines and compressors are built in house and can be furnished with all sorts of instruments and control devices. For these control cabinets we can source many instruments from our own delivery program. However it is not limited to these products and we can also apply products from other parties. Hatraco has supplied built in control systems for many major customers in the oil- and gas industry like Exxon, Romgas, Latvia Gas, Noordgas Transport and many others. Examples are ignition system and fuel control panels, designed and built for retrofits of existing gas engines and compressors.

Altronic Controls added value

Hatraco is Altronic distributor for Europe.  In Texas USA, a separate division of Altronic named Altronic Controls is located. Altronic Controls is a specialist panel manufacturer building numerous control panels for customers all over the world. In close cooperation with them, Hatraco is capable of designing and supplying to virtually any customized instrument panel to any application. It does not matter if these panels contain standard manual instruments or need to be furnished with the latest PLC controls and communication interface. Virtually any model can be built, including pressurized cabinets and cabinets certified according to local safety standards like ATEX, CSA, DNV etc.