Ignition modules

Ignition modules and accessories for stationairy engines

Every engine with spark ignition needs to be equipped with an ignition system. For over 30 years, Hatraco supplies ignition systems for industrial engines. These systems can vary from basic magneto-type ignition units with internal power supply to full electronic, 12-24V powered ignition modules with a full blown set of programmable functions and diagnostic features. Hatraco is Central Distributor of Altronic LLC for Europe. Altronic is already for decennia a world leading manufacturer in the ignition branch. For industrial application, commonly the capacitor-discharge method is used. Besides that, Hatraco is also able to offer smaller inductive type ignition modules for small industrial engines and automotive applications with all the required components like ignition coils, triggering pick-ups, sensors, primary wiring, spark plugs and high voltage spark plug cables.

Special ignition units for use in ATEX-environment

For use in special conditions and Hatraco can supply the best suitable ignition unit. From small mini-CHP sets to the largest Cooper, Dresser en Clark gas engines or integral compressors. Our sales program contains of systems featuring multiple sparks per strike, very long spark duration, control of multiple spark plugs per cylinder or extra high output energy levels for lean fuel mixtures. Some systems use more than one single ignition box. In those cases the ignition logic with timing- and diagnostic functions is separated from the power supply circuit that handles the primary voltage going to the ignition coils. These systems can be found on large natural gas engines and integral compressors used in explosion endangered areas with ATEX certifications. Hatraco can assist with the upgrade of engine ignition at any application.