Speed control

Engine speed control and monitoring devices

Hatraco offers digital engine speed controllers of the GAC (Governors America Corp.) program and engine RPM monitoring devices of Altronic. GAC offers an extensive speed controller program.

Check some of the examples shown or download the complete engine governor overview from this site. In addition we offer a number of speed monitoring/display devices of Altronic.

Altronic’s DTHO meters are universally applicable for rotating machinery and available for monitoring of various other parameters like

  • Running-hours counting
  • Driver-speed monitoring
  • Turbo-rotation speed monitoring
  • Shutdown safety switch through
  • G-lead of the ignition system or through a seperate magnetic sensor

Digital speed monitoring with timing control and alarm settings

Altronic’s DSG meters are furnished with a micro-processor that allows programming of various settings for automated procedures based on

  • engine speed
  • ignition timing
  • Altronic DO-3300 peedmonitor / speedswitch operates directly on the primary output signal of the ignition system. The device features an adjustable speed safety switch.