Gas mixers

Gas mixers for industrial engines

A precise and reliable gas mixing device is essential for good functioning of an engine. Hatraco cooperates with de best mixer manufacturers of fuel control products in the world.

Visit the web-pages with the various gas mixer choices in the programs of Heinzmann and the latest Hoerbiger / Altronic EquiCom ring-gap mixer. Our gas fuel mixer-models are available for small, medium and large engines in stationary and automotive applications. A special gas mixer-versions is the mixer of the GTI Bi-fuel system. This uncommon fuel mixer allows for substitution of (natural) gas at an existing diesel engine. Check the GTI Bi-fuel web section.

Gas mixer service and repair services

Needless to say, our service exceeds the delivery of new products only. Our technicians are trained te service and reparair most mixing devices within our delivery program.  Under certain conditions we can even repair mixers outside our standard range of products. Don’t hesitate to  contact us at and check if we can be of assistance for your gas mixer.