Marine & Offshore

Covering over 70% of the world’s surface, the oceans represent an enormous potential market for the Marine and Offshore industry. With a wide range of activities spanning shipbuilding, fishing, global transport, marine, dredging and offshore energy productions, the Marine and Offshore is uniquely positioned to play a vital role in the futures economy.

Hatraco is a specialist when it comes to equipment for marine and offshore engines. Moisture, salt, cold and unstable surfaces are the typical conditions that these engines must overcome. Also international emission regulations which become (never ending) stricter and stricter. That’s where Hatraco can be helpful. Based on our market experience many engine OEMs and application packagers make use of Hatraco’s knowledge, experience and products to run their engines more efficiently and help them to deal with the heavy conditions out there.

Solutions for:

Tugboats, oil tankers, containerships, rol on rol off ships, workboats, dredgers, explorers, pleasure yachts, offshore platforms and windfarms.

A selection of available products: