Temperature control

Temperature monitoring on industrial engines

In and around an engine there are several zones that are subject to high temperatures. Some of these zones contribute to the performance of an engine or it’s control systems. Others have negative effect on the engine perfomance.

This is why temperatures are actively measured and actief gemeten and controlled. Examples are:

  • Lube oil temperature
  • Cooling water temperature
  • Exhaust gas temperature
  • Combustion temperature
  • Turbocharger intake/outlet tempartures
  • Catalytic converter temperatures

Hatraco offers instruments that will guard the mentioned parameters to secure the engine performance or keep the operation conditions within the safety limits.

Altronic Temperature-instrumentation

DPYH series – Universal Temperature scanner (Pyrometer), solid state electronics with digital display and alarm/shutdown outputs. For use with J and K thermocouples.

DGS series – Digital temperature gauge including pressure, vibration and other parameters featuring various set-points, digital display and RS-485 ModBus communication. J, K thermocouple inputs and other input signals like 0-5V or 0-25mA.

DSM-series – Digital temperature set point monitor up to 20 input channels. Ideal for individual temperature-control per cylinder and monitoring of turbocharger and catalytic converter temperatures.

ETM-series – Universal Temperature monitor/scanner with ModBus RTU communication. A microprocessor based temperature controller with extended setpoint and programming capabilities of in- and output signals. This series of temperature scanners go up to 40 inputs. It comes with a panel including display and keyboard to enable quick reading of measured data and adjustment of settings next to the engine.