Diesel particulate filters

Diesel particulate filters

DCL's large engine diesel particulate filters (DPFs) are used for high efficiency (>85%) reduction of particulates (soot) in stationary diesel engines, providing long term passive regeneration with minimal cost and down time.

The system is verified by CARB, EPA and numerous other agencies internationally.

Features of DCL particulate / soot filters for large engines

  • Cover plates for easy removal and service of individual DPF elements.
  • Individual DPF elements can be lifted by hand without the need for special lifting equipment.
  • Modular, scalable design for any size engine.
  • Available in a variety of connection types, including ANSI and DIN bolt pattern flanges.
  • Heavy gauge housing, available in stainless and mild steel.
  • Space for future upgrade.
  • Lifting lugs for easy mounting and installation.
  • Pressure rated housing.

Garanteed performance of DCL particulate filters

DCL's large engine DPFs provide high efficiency reduction of diesel particulate matter on a passive basis with minimal cost and service needs. DCL backs every stationary engine DPF with an emissions performance guarantee, providing you worry free compliance with environmental operating permits.