Level gauges

Industrial level gauges and sight glasses

Fluids and their displacement in industrial processes always need to be accurately monitored. Commonly we need to consider monitoring of fluid levels, fluid flow, temperatures and pressures.

In the world of ​​monitoring fluid levels and flow, Kenco offers a variety of reliable monitoring solutions that secure the safety of the system. Fast accessibility (visibility) of the business situation, both close to the process like an oil tank gauge but also in the central control room is a key factor.

Kenco - a preview of gauge glasses

Kenco The program consists of a wide collection of gauge glasses that provide a reliable indication of the level or flow of liquid media in a process. These gauge glasses can be located in the inlet side of the process (for example, in storage vessels) on the supply side of the system. They can, however, also in the middle to the process in order to monitor process between steps.

For most instruments there are standard versions are available and also CSA / ATEX versions for use in (explosion) hazardous operating environments. Level gauges of Kenco be executed in many sorts of material to prevent the applied (sometimes harmful) medium from affecting the instruments and measurement accuracy.

  • We offer calibration pots for visually monitoring and calibration of higher flow rates up to about 2350 liters per hour.
  • Magnetic level gauges, hermetically sealed with readout based on magnetic flux technique
  • Micro Processor level gauges based on magnetostrictive technology with communications, remote configuration and diagnostics
  • Liquid Level measurement based on medium-temperature differences
  • Flow-proximity switches
  • Pump-adjustable glasses. Visually monitoring a pump output in a process
  • Screened (shielded) sight glasses with integrated valves
  • High pressure flat glass sight glasses 
  • Injection-level sight glasses for visual check of containers with chemical content and the yield of a dosing pump.
  • Flow (flow) sight glasses and mold gate type sight glasses

Kenco also delivers complete storage vessels with standards and chemical injectors.