Spring starters

Kineteco Spring starters by range

Hatraco delivers Kineteco spring starters. Spring starters are a direct replacement for the existing electric (or other) starter system, making them easy and simple to fit. A spring starter requires no external power systems unlike their electric, air (pneumatic) or hydraulic counterpart systems. A spring starter is simple, compact, dependable and in many cases the preferred choice for back-up starting.

Non powered starter excellence

Kineteco spring starters are suitable for a large range of diesel engines and can start small 400cc single cylinders all the way up to 15L 6 cylinders. The spring starters are used all over the world in many applications including ship’s lifeboats, irrigation pumps, black start generators, mining vehicles and fire pumps, etc.

Starter ranges by spring type

There are two types of springs used in Kineteco spring loaded starters:

Disc springs
Disc springs (also referred to as ‘Belleville Washers’) are conically shaped steel washers which are compressed by means of a ball screw.
Disc spring starter benefits are:

  • High output torque
  • Robust design

Power springs
Power Springs (also referred to as ‘clock’ springs) are like a coiled flat steel sheet which is wound up.
Power spring benefits for spring starting are:

  • High number of output revolutions
  • Compact design

Spring starters by range