Barring tools

TDI barring-tool for industrial engines

Large capacity industrial engines generate much power once they are operational. Conversely, it is often difficult to get a non-running engine in the correct startup or maintenance position.

This often involves the use of a lot of manpower or other, sometimes unconventional methods. With the Tech Roller cranking device it is possible to slowly crank the engine in the correct position for the purpose of maintenance operations such as the setting of valves, camshaft timing controls, inspection of internal parts or the adjustment of different engine settings.

The Tech Roller torqueing tool prevents heavy crank efforts

The Tech Roller of TDI is a manually powered motor with a pre-engaged (front-linked) starting pinion. This barring tool is suitable for gas and diesel engines up to 200 liters with a 3 SAE mounting flange. After disconnecting the regular starting system the Tech Roller can be easily applied. Just link a compressed air connection to the tool and the cranking can begin. Cranking with the Tech Roller is not sensitive to small amounts of moisture in the compressed air.