Engine upgrade

Our customer Centrica Business Solutions overhauled a 30-year-old MAN® gas engine at a wellness centre. They asked us to provide a solution for the outdated distributor ignition system. Some service parts are no longer available.

Bosch 7341 spark plug

Made in Germany: With significant improved wear behaviour

Bosch® introduces the first industrial spark plug manufactured in Germany: the Bosch® 7341. 
The perfect spark plug with Bosch® EVO technology for top performance on natural gas engines! 

TDI and Hatraco

TDI and Hatraco create remarkable milestones together with expansion of countries!

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Allegheny control products

We are proud to announce Allegheny Control Products as our new business partner in the USA for the sales of Kineteco spring starters.

Our business is growing and our services expanding. We are pleased to work together with our new business partner, Allegheny Control Products. Our combined expertise and many years of experience will create added value for our customers.

Hatraco Event 2023

Nice to be together with our dealers from all over the world in Angerlo and share each other knowledge and experience.

Hatraco european in-house production

Recently we delivered again many complete Altronic ignition systems, which has given great added value compared to the original components.

We are very happy that our customers can’t wait to receive more of our solutions for their MAN® 26 and 32 series gas engines!

Bosch 7360

Use genuine parts for your engine

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Kineteco Dependable Starting Solution

Kineteco Dependable Starting Solution

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Hatraco expands its network again!

We are proud to announce Engginium International FZC as our new strategic partner for the sales of the Hatraco products and manufacturing program for products especially used on Wärtsilä engines and for new projects on mid-speed engines (Up to 1000 RPM), but supported and cooperated with Hatraco.