Every purchased product, within their warranty period, can be send to Hatraco for inspection. If the claim is valid, Hatraco will take care of every aspect of the warranty claim and keep the customer informed of the progress.

on-site commissioning

Upon request, Hatraco can provide commissioning for ignition or compressor related systems. This means, after installation is completed, Hatraco will program and fine tune the system to your specific needs.

Hatraco invests in research and testing to achieve the best quality possible for their own products. Hatraco has developed a high voltage test stand for sparkplug cables. These sparkplug cables are exposed to high voltage to measure the resistance en isolation of the cables.

Support and training

Hatraco offers an extended support service, answering any technical questions costumers may have. This can be done by contacting Hatraco by telephone or e-mail. Costumers will in some cases be advised to consider our training or on-site commissioning services.

Overhaul and repair

Mechanical systems can be overhauled. This is possible for mechanical units like Altronic 2, Altronic 3 and Altronic 5. Overhaul is also possible for all TDI Air starters. Hatraco is an official accredited TDI overhaul and repair centre. Electrical units can be tested by Hatraco.