Air Fuel ratio controllers

Air fuel ratio controllers for industrial engines

A precise and reliable air fuel ratio control system is important. Hatraco works with the best products available in the industrial gas engine branch.

Check out the options for Air to Fuel Ratio Controllers from the programs of Altronic and Heinzmann. The A/F controller controls the volume rate between fuel and air by means of dynamic oxygen measurement in the exhaust and the temperature of the exhaust gas. Thermocouple and O2-sensor (lambda-sensor) signal are processed and based on configured thresholds the controller will control the throttle valve. Customers can choose from air to fuel ratio controllers for small, medium and larger engines in stationary applications. From the Altronic program we offer the Accunox, the EPC-50, EPC-100, EPC-150, EPC-200, EPC-250, with individual special features, all depending on the way the engine needs to be controlled like stoichiometric or lean-burn.

Overhauls and repairs for air to fuel ratio controllers

Hatraco offers sales, repair and overhaul services on most mixture control products. We are the authorized repair center for Altronic in Europe. Check with us for specific service information by sending us an e-mail to