Manual starting for the modern engine

  • Z-drive spring starter with offset gearbox
  • Small, lightweight starter for engines with restricted block clearance
  • Smooth action power spring for easy winding
  • Standard SS/SR nosepieces with manual engagement and trip mechanism
  • Standard SS/SR crank wind with detachable handle

SZS/SZR spring starters are ideal where engine clearance or low flywheel inertia (common on modern engines) is a problem.  Designed for engines from 0.6L to 4L displacement, they are perfect for easy and safe hand starting.

With its flexible Z-drive gearbox, the SZS/SZR series can be configured to give greater engine clearance.

Based on the long established SS/SR range of starters, the SZS/SZR series have the advantage of using proven SS/SR components including nosepiece, winding, trip and pinion assemblies. Robust construction ensures they are suitable for a wide range of applications in difficult environments. With a manual engage and trip mechanism and detachable crank wind, the operator can choose exactly how the starter operates.

As with all Kineteco spring starters, the SZS/SZR series bolts directly into the standard starter pocket on the engine. Given the correct engine configuration, all the electrics can be dispensed with. Fitting takes a matter of minutes, and operation of the spring starter does not require any special skill or strength. Unlike a directly hand-cranked engine, time can be taken to wind the starter, which can then be tripped when ready.



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