Altronic DPYH-4396

Altronic DPYH-4396 digital pyrometer

The Altronic DPYH-4300U digital pyrometers are electronic instruments designed to monitor temperatures using industrystandard type J or K thermocouple probes. Models are available having 4, 6 or 8 channels. All versions can be set for readout in either degrees C. or F. and may be powered from either a C.D. ignition system or 12–48 Vdc. In the DPYH-4390U series, an individual high alarm setpoint is provided for each channel.

Model DPYH-4354U has one common setpoint for four channels. The setpoints are adjustable by the user from the front of the device using the display. Each alarm channel has its own dedicated normally-open solid-state output switch suitable for hook-up to an Altronic annunciator or DC-operated relay.

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