Altronic DSG-1611DUPS

Altronic DSG-1611DUPS Digital / Bar-graph setpoint gauge

The Altronic DSG-1611DUPS, DSG-1692DUS, and DSG-1682DUPS are advanced digital/bar-graph setpoint gauges for monitoring, displaying and protecting either one or two process variables. The DSG-1611 is a universal one-point model which replaces the former DSG-1301/1601 series. The DSG-1682DUPS and DSG-1692DUS are two-point versions.

These universal models can be connected to either type J or K thermocouples, 0–5 volts or 0–25mA (scalable) input signals. In the DSG-1692, this choice is made independently for each of the two monitored points. In addition, all versions have a RS-485 serial port with ModBus communications protocol with 5 selectable baud rates: 9,600, 19,200, 38,400, 57,600, and 115,200. This versatility makes the DSG gauges universal panel products, thus reducing spare parts requirements to a minimum. Power requirement is 12–36Vdc, 0.25A maximum. 

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