Altronic DET1600

Altronic DET1600 Detonation sensing monitor

The Altronic DET-1600 Detonation Sensing Monitor is a 24VDC-powered, 32-bit microprocessor-based electronic instrument designed for use on natural gas-fueled engines to detect detonation and misfire and avoid consequential engine damage. Industry-standard, low-cost, piezoelectric vibration sensors are mounted directly on the engine and are used to transform the vibrations caused by combustion into electrical signals which are then evaluated by the DET-1600.

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Power requirement

DC powered, 10-32VDC, 0.30 AMP max.

Ambient temp. range

–40°C to 85°C (–40°F to 185°F)


Up to 16

Sensor type

Piezoelectric Vibration Sensor,Bosch 0 261 231 148 or equivalent


8-key, membrane


Backlit, 2x16 character, LCD

Display update rate

0.5 seconds nominal

Sensor scan rate

On Firing Event

Output switch

2 programmable, solid-state rated 200VDC,0.2 AMP continuous, optically isolated frompower supply, one for Alarm, one for Shutdown

Switch response time

Tied to Filter Value and Display Reading (withfilter at 1, max response time is approx. 0.5 sec.)

RS485 serial outputs


Current loop output


Hazardous area classification

Class I, Div. 2, Groups C & D for direct hook-up,Temp Code T4, max ambient temp 85°C