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BHKW-Weigelt Systeme will be present at EnergyDecentral 2016 from 15-18 November in Hall 24, Stand 24C08.

Tdi turboflow Air Regulator

When optimizing the engine’s air start system, the pressure drop to the starter should be minimized “in a dynamic manner” under high flow conditions. The TurboFlow™ makes more useable air pressure available in the tank. This translates to greater air flow delivered to the air starter motor, even at low pressures.

Additional benefits to these efficiency gains include:

kineteco spring starters news

Hatraco is pleased to announce their cooperation with Kineteco, leading manufacturer of spring starters.

Kineteco is the leading manufacturer of hand wound, mechanical spring starters, which replace the electric starter motor and allow diesel engines to be started easily and safely by hand, without a battery or alternator.

TDI TurboGuard

Protection for your engine against Hydrolock Damage & Costly Downtime with the new TurboGuard™ Smart Starter of TDI.

Auburn products igniters flamrods

When you need an igniter, flame rod, liquid level sensor, feedthrough or an observation port, Auburn is the name for quality industrial products. For over 100 years Auburn has designed and manufactured these products. Hatraco can supply you with these products for your application.

ignition rails

The last thing you want is an engine which does not run due to malfunction of the ignition system and rail assembly. This is why Hatraco developed a modular rail system for almost every inline and V-engine up to 12 cylinders which covers the majority of the European market under 600kW.


If you think you can run an extension forever without treating it well, you might be surprised how much money you have thrown away due to this….

Bosch electrical starters

One of Hatraco's latest products are the Bosch electrical starters. Bosch offers the right starter for every type of commercial vehicle and industrial application. Starters from Bosch stand for high performance, long life, excellent quality and reliability. The starters are applicable for various branches like industry, marine, oil & gas.

Texaco Oils and Coolants

New in our portfolio is the Oils and Coolants of Texaco. Texaco formulates, blends and distributes gas engines oils worldwide. With Texaco, who has over more than of 45 years of Gas Engine Oil experience, Hatraco has a new reliable product to offer you.


The Altronic CD200D and the DET-1600 have the DNV GL Type Approval Certificate! This DNV GL certificate is of great importance in the marine branch.  Customers in this branch are seeking for DNV GL classification for their ships or marine products.