Hatraco starting solutions, powered by kineteco

Hatraco has successfully spring started an electronically governed 7,4 litre AGCO (diesel) engine.


In order to keep your turbochargers in good condition with optimal performance and minimizing your downtime, regular maintenance and overhauling is prescribed. Prescribed maintenance and overhauling of turbochargers optimizes their service life.

Hatraco Teflon Spark Plug Extensions

Servicing and overhauling your engines is important to keep your engine in good condition. At Hatraco we support you with our products and services like for example our Hatraco® Teflon™ Spark Plug Extensions.

As an official distributor we are proud to announce that the range of GOETZE® industrial spark plugs are soon available at Hatraco!

summer greetings 2020

Hatraco wishes you a sunny summer holiday! 

For those of you who will go on vacation or just take some time off for the summer, we wish you a healthy and great holiday with lots of sun and joy! 

adjusted business hours

Note our adjusted business hours in connection to Ascension Day and Whit Monday.

Our facility in Angerlo will be closed on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd of May due to Ascension Day. We will be back at the office on Monday 25th of May to support you in any way we can.

This informative brochure represents Hatraco’s engine starting products and is meant for everybody who is seeking for starting solutions for industrial reciprocating engines, gas- turbines or compressors.

Please feel free to download, read, share and enjoy it.

TDI T20 Starters

This picture shows a nice batch of TDI starters that recently have left our warehouse at Hatraco.

It’s a different world with Corona (COVID-19) in our midst. Things that seemed normal just a few months ago, are not normal anymore. COVID-19 affects our daily lives and traditions. 

kineteco spring starters

Starter motors are critical elements of safety of many locations, where they are used. Kineteco is doing everything possible to support their customers to maintain supplies whilst seeking to maximise the safety of its own staff.

Even in these challenging circumstances, Kineteco spring starters are still available at Hatraco.