Goetze spark plugs

GOETZE® range of industrial spark plugs ideal for Jenbacher® type 3, 4, 6 and type 9 engines fueled by many type of gases

Altronic ignition coils

Hatraco 30+ years the expert for CHP's with Altronic®.

Only the original Altronic® coils deliver the highest level of performance and reliability.

hatraco starting system

Used for primary- and back up engine starting, Hatraco hydraulic starting systems are commonly used in several markets and for a wide range of applications. In close collaboration with our customers we design, manufacture and supply our systems according to the required project specifications.

Bosch 7339

Introducing the Bosch 7339 Next Generation M14 industrial spark plug.

Hatraco and GenMar

We are proud to announce our business partnership with GenMar Solutions LLC (GenMar LATAM) for Latin America and the Caribbean. GenMar is our authorized Hatraco representative for the sales and service of the entire Hatraco product sales and manufacturing program. Moreover, they are also the official distributor of the Altronic GTI Bi-Fuel®, along with other quality OEM product lines.

Hatraco starting solutions, powered by kineteco

Hatraco has successfully spring started an electronically governed 7,4 litre AGCO (diesel) engine.


In order to keep your turbochargers in good condition with optimal performance and minimizing your downtime, regular maintenance and overhauling is prescribed. Prescribed maintenance and overhauling of turbochargers optimizes their service life.

Hatraco Teflon Spark Plug Extensions

Servicing and overhauling your engines is important to keep your engine in good condition. At Hatraco we support you with our products and services like for example our Hatraco® Teflon™ Spark Plug Extensions.

As an official distributor we are proud to announce that the range of GOETZE® industrial spark plugs are soon available at Hatraco!

summer greetings 2020

Hatraco wishes you a sunny summer holiday! 

For those of you who will go on vacation or just take some time off for the summer, we wish you a healthy and great holiday with lots of sun and joy!