2 ways to optimize service life of turbochargers

In order to keep your turbochargers in good condition with optimal performance and minimizing your downtime, regular maintenance and overhauling is prescribed. Prescribed maintenance and overhauling of turbochargers optimizes their service life.

Hatraco has expanded their services and provides maintenance and overhauling of your turbocharger.

We work together with our business partner Altturbo, which has extensive technical knowledge and over 30 years of experience servicing and overhauling turbochargers. Altturbo is the authority in the field of Turbo’s, mainly ABB®, MAN® and PBS® Turbo’s. Other types of Turbo’s on request. They offer professional maintenance and overhaul of turbochargers.

The philosophy of Altturbo regarding high-quality turbocharger service is based on:

  • Conserving resources
  • Sustainability
  • Saving costs

Their many years of experience has taught Altturbo that many components are replaced far earlier than necessary. Components can be repaired cost-effectively or reworked, returning them to full functionality, which reduces the use of expensive new parts. This saves valuable resources, our environment and also your budget!

You can contact Hatraco for servicing and overhauling of your turbocharger!