Terms & Conditions - Warranty

Warranty conditions

In addition to the warranty scheme included in the terms of delivery, Hatraco uses a separate 'Warranty Application' procedure. This procedure specifies the manner in which a warranty application must be submitted to Hatraco and which rules Hatraco applies with regard to submitted warranty applications.

Section 1. Applying for warranty

1.1 The web form 'Product Returns' must be filled out on Hatraco's website (www.hatraco.com). A separate form is available for the return of spark plugs.
1.2 Before the customer sends the products for warranty or repair, a return shipment must at all times be accompanied by a completely and truthfully filled out web form. Subsequently, the customer will receive an email in which Hatraco grants permission to ship the products to Hatraco. This email contains an RMA number as well as shipping instructions. Products must be shipped to Hatraco within 30 days of receipt of the RMA number, or the warranty will be voided.
1.3 A warranty request will only be processed by Hatraco if the products, together with all accessories, manuals, other documents, the invoice and a report explaining the problem, are sent by the customer to Hatraco. Shipment by the customer takes place on a Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) basis.

Section 2. Warranty settlement

2.1 Hatraco settles warranties in accordance with the provisions of the terms of delivery.
2.2 In addition to the provisions of the terms of delivery, Hatraco stipulates that a customer can no longer rely on a warranty if:
− the warranty period has expired;
− the defect is the result of an accident (fire, foreign liquids, exposure to elements, electrical discharges, incorrect power supply, etc.);
− the defect was caused by or on behalf of the customer (mechanical, thermal, electrical etc.)
− the standard identification data (product and serial numbers) are missing.
2.3 If an investigation by Hatraco shows that the defect was caused by the customer, the customer will fully bear the costs of the investigation, any repair costs and any shipping costs.
2.4 If the customer cannot claim warranty, Hatraco will offer a repair service or a replacement proposal, regardless of how long has passed since the purchase of the product. For more information, please refer to 'Testing & Repairs'.

Section 3. Warranty periods

3.1 Hatraco uses different warranty periods for its products. Please refer to the warranty periods table for specific brands and product lines.
3.2 In addition to the foregoing, Hatraco applies in any case the following warranty periods:
− Hatraco: complete ignition packages (ignition module with pre-wired ignition coil rail).
   • maximum of 1 year after delivery date.
− Altronic: DC powered ignition modules and digital instruments.
   • maximum of 3 years after delivery date.
− Altronic: other ignition modules and components.
   • maximum of 2 years after delivery date.
− Tech Development Inc: Air starter.
   • maximum of 1 year after delivery date
− Kenco. Liquid level measuring products
   • maximum of 1 year after delivery date
− Kineteco. Spring starters
   • maximum of 1 year after delivery date
− Various Refurbished products:
   • 6 months after delivery date

Section 4. Warrant scheme for Spark Plugs

Because they have to operate under tough and demanding conditions, spark plugs are manufactured to the highest quality standards. All brands of spark plugs and spark plug wires are therefore guaranteed to be free from defects in manufacture. These products do not have a specific warranty period due to the uncertain nature of the application in which they are placed, as a result of which their normal lifespan can vary greatly per application.

The high quality materials used to produce spark plugs make them heat and wear resistant, but eventually a spark plug will wear out to the point that it will need to be replaced. The time frame between spark plug replacement depends on many factors such as engine load, operating temperatures, gas mixture, engine vibration, voltage demand, heat transmission, deposits, etc.

There is a tendency to think that when spark plugs appear to have a short life span, the spark plug is of poor quality and should be returned for warranty. As mentioned before, the life span of a spark plug is affected by a number of factors and these factors must be properly identified before it can be concluded that a spark plug is of poor quality.

When a customer decides to return spark plugs for warranty, they should be aware that there is no warranty on the life span, but only on manufacturing defects. Damage as a result of, for example, physical misuse, exposure to extreme temperatures or moisture conditions, or general misuse are therefore explicitly not covered by the warranty.

In order to find out if any manufacturing defects are actually present, the spark plug must be analysed and its current shape evaluated in a laboratory, taking into account the operating conditions provided by the customer. These factors are essential for a realistic analysis. A separate web form is therefore available for returning spark plugs, which must be filled out completely and truthfully. Without proper information about spark plug usage and performance, analysis is virtually impossible, which is essential to identifying potential manufacturing defects.

Finally, in agreement with major spark plug manufacturers, Hatraco applies a strict rule regarding the return of spark plugs.
Without the requested information, we will not process the warranty claim.

In addition to the foregoing, a warranty claim will only be assessed if the spark plugs have been used by the customer in a suitable machine. If the data provided by the customer shows that the spark plugs have been used in a machine that does not appear on the application tables published by the relevant supplier, then a warranty claim will not qualify for processing and any claim that the customer might have under any warranty will lapse.