Terms & Conditions - Returns

Return conditions

In addition to the complaints procedure included in the terms of delivery, Hatraco uses a separate 'Return Request' procedure. This procedure sets out how Hatraco handles return requests from the customer.

Section 1. Incorrectly supplied products

  • 1.1 Incorrectly supplied products, that is, products that do not correspond to the order submitted to Hatraco, which have been sent to the customer due to an error by Hatraco, are eligible for return.
  • 1.2 The web form 'Product Returns' must be filled out on Hatraco's website (www.hatraco.com). Under ‘product information', the customer must indicate that it concerns a wrongly supplied product. Upon receipt of the completed form, Hatraco will ensure that the product is collected and exchanged free of charge as soon as possible.

Section 2. Incorrectly ordered products

  • 2.1 If the customer has received incorrect products as a result of an incorrectly submitted order, these products are eligible for return under certain conditions.
  • 2.2 The web form 'Product Returns' must be filled out on Hatraco's website (www.hatraco.com). Under 'product information', the customer must indicate that it concerns an incorrectly ordered product. After receipt of the form, Hatraco will investigate the possibilities for return and inform the customer as soon as possible. If Hatraco confirms in writing to the customer that the incorrectly ordered products are eligible for return, the customer will ship the products on a Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) basis.
  • 2.3 Products requested to replace the returned products are always invoiced regardless of the status of the returned products. No settlement of these amounts is permitted under any circumstances without the written permission of Hatraco. As a result, the financial and logistic settlements will continue to run in parallel.

Section 3. Returns after a trial/field test period

  • 3.1 The web form 'Product Returns' must be filled out on Hatraco's website (www.hatraco.com). Under 'product information', the customer must indicate that it concerns a return following a trial/field test period.
  • 3.2 The customer must always state their Hatraco contact person. If specific agreement have been made about the test work or if additional information is available in this regard, this must also be stated by the customer in the web form. Finally, the customer must state in the web form whether credit must be provided for the returned products. The customer must take into account that Hatraco will charge a return fee of 15% of the total value of the products.
  • 3.3 In case of returning spark plugs or spark plug cables, please enclose the required spark plug test form. This data is essential for analysis and research purposes.

Section 4. Rules for all types of returns

  • Products must be returned on a DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) basis to Angerlo.
  • Initial transportation costs for the customer are not part of a credit/refund.
  • All products together with accessories, manuals, other documents and the invoice must be shipped undamaged and packed in original boxes. In the event of missing or incomplete/damaged packaging, the indicated refund will be reduced by 10%.
  • A credit note will be issued upon receipt and inspection of the products.

Section 5. Non-reusable items

Unless there is a justified claim on a warranty or a mistake has been made by Hatraco, the customer is expressly not permitted to return products related to the production, manufacture or delivery of the following products:

  • specially marked products (colours, logos or numbers specified by the customer);
  • products that do not qualify as standard, such as custom-produced or manufactured items, or items for a specific project or sales;
  • non-storage products that cannot be resold or products specifically ordered from the manufacturer;
  • products defined by the original manufacturer as obsolete/expired;
  • Stitt spark plugs of certain series;
  • Kenco tanks, stands and parts.

Section 6. Return policy upon receipt of damaged packages

Shipment of products by Hatraco takes place on the basis of a CPT - freight on account shipment. Hatraco is therefore not responsible or liable for damaged packages and other shipments. The customer is at all times free to take out transport insurance at their own expense.
Hatraco is neither responsible or liable for shipments or returns that are damaged or seized as a result of customs clearance issues.

Source document: ALG-D16-v1-EN Procedure Return request 2021.pdf
Valid from 01-01-2021
Checked: 01-2023