Terms & Conditions - Order Cancellation

Conditions for order cancellation

The conditions for cancelling a pending PO are as follows:

Handling charges for withdrawal of pending orders.
Charges will apply after the cancellation/withdrawal of a pending purchase orders in following situations*:

  1. Withdrawal within 7 days after placement of order.
    • no charges
  2. Withdrawal 8 days or later after placement of order in case parts have not been taken into production; not been manufactured; nor shipped:
    • 5% of the total ordered amount
  3. Withdrawal 8 days or later after placement of order in case that parts have already been taken into production or already have been manufactured and/or shipped from the initial manufacturer to Hatraco or from Hatraco to the customer**:
    • 15% of the total ordered amount. Goods should be returned DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) Angerlo.

*  All parts need to be undamaged and packed in original boxing. In case of  missing or incomplete/damaged packing the refund above will be reduced with 10%
** Check paragraph on not returnable items

Non-returnable items:
With exclusion of warranty claim reasons or internally made mistakes, some products may not qualify for return like 

  • Specially marked items (customer specified-color, logo or numbers)
  • Items that are custom built to order for a specific project or sale and do not qualify as standard items
  • Non-stocking items that cannot be resold and/or specially ordered at the manufacturer
  • Items that are designated as obsolete by the original manufacturer
  • Stitt spark plugs of certain series are non-returnable
  • Kenco tanks, stands and parts are non-returnable