Terms & conditions - Return request

Incorrectly shipped goods:
If  you have received incorrect goods (that do not correspond with a firm customer-order in writing) due to an internal mistake made by Hatraco, please mention this in the product information form.  Hatraco will arrange to have the goods picked-up and replaced free of charge as quickly as possible.

Incorrectly ordered goods:
If  you have received incorrect goods due to an purchase mistake, please mention this in the product information form.  Hatraco will review the options for restocking and notify you upon request. If you receive an return approval, please return the goods, freight free to Hatraco* **.

Note: products that are called for to replace the returned goods will always be invoiced regardless the where-abouts of the returned goods. This will keep the financial & logistical handling in sync.

Return after trial / field test period:
You may use this section also to return any item that was provided to you for trial or field test purposes. Please mention your Hatraco contact and inform us about any specific arrangements that were made for this particular trial. You are asked to mention if a credit should be provided for the returned goods. 

In case of returning spark plugs or spark plug cables, please include a filled out test form. These details are essential for post-trial investigation purposes.

In case that you are returning goods for credit, please note that we apply a Restocking Charge of: 15% of the total value of the goods.

  • Goods should be returned DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) Angerlo* **
  • Initial freight cost to the customer are not part of any credit/refund
  • All parts need to be undamaged and packed in original boxing. In case of  missing or incomplete/damaged packing the refund above will be reduced with 10%
  • Credit note will be provided upon goods receipt and inspection.

Non-returnable items:
With exclusion of warranty claim reasons or internally made mistakes, some products may not qualify for return like 

  • Specially marked items (customer specified-color, logo or numbers)
  • Items that are custom built to order for a specific project or sale and do not qualify as standard items
  • Non-stocking items that cannot be resold and/or specially ordered at the manufacturer.
  • Items that are designated as obsolete by the original manufacturer
  • Stitt spark plugs of certain series are non-returnable
  • Kenco tanks, stands and parts are non-returnable

Damaged Packages Return Policy:
If the customer receives damaged parcel, there are some requests that should be arranged by the recipient:

  1. report the damage of the delivery to Hatraco and make photos of damaged items/parcel
  2. submit a claim to the courier for the damaged items/parcel on the same amount that was declared in the invoice
  3. refuse to pay the freight cost
  4. request forwarder to resend the goods with free freight cost

Hatraco is not responsible or liable for damaged packages and other shipments that are returned to us for the reason that the designated courier service failed to deliver the package as a result of  incorrectly provided address details or your absence to receive it (after several attempts to deliver your package).

Hatraco is not responsible or liable for returned shipments that are damaged or confiscated due to problems with customs clearance. Therefore, please check with your country's custom policies before placing an order and clearly communicate with our shipping department concerning required export documents

*  All parts need to be undamaged and packed in original boxing. In case of missing or incomplete/damaged packing an additional 10% fee can be charged.

** Check paragraph on not returnable items