Spark Plug Warranty & Return Procedure

Spark Plug Warranty & Return Procedure

Spark plugs are manufactured according to the highest quality standards, as they are required to function at severe and demanding conditions.

The high quality materials that are used to build plugs make it heat and wear resistant but finally a spark plug will wear to a degree that it needs to be exchanged. The time frame between exchange of plugs is depending on a large number of factors like engine load, running temperatures, gas mixture, engine vibration, voltage demand, heat transmission, deposits, etc.

There is a tendency to think that when spark plugs appear to have a short life that the plug is of bad quality and should be returned for warranty. As mentioned before, the running life of a spark plug is influenced by a number of factors and these factors should be well identified before blaming a spark plug of being of a bad quality.

Whenever a customer decides to return spark plugs for warranty he or she should realize that warranty is not being given on running life but only on defects in manufacturing.

In order to find out if manufacturing errors are actually at hand, the spark plug needs to be analyzed and its present shape needs to be evaluated in a laboratory, taking the running circumstances in account. These factors are essential for a realistic analysis. Without the proper running information given, making a good spark plug analysis is virtually impossible. This directly reflects to the ability of determination of possible manufacturing defects.

Finally, Hatraco, in consensus with the major spark plug manufacturers, applies a strict rule concerning the return of spark plugs. Without the requested information we will not handle the request.