Hatraco 11.310 pick-up tester

The Hatraco “magnetic pick-up pulse generator/tester” is designed to quickly troubleshoot the various components of the CD-1, CD-2, CD-200, CD200D and DISN801M ignition systems. These systems are all using a magnetic pick-up. The small 11.310 tester is an easy to use, handheld device that can assist the service engineer offering 3 basic tests:

  1. Ignition test
    The tester can simulate pick-up pulses according to a chosen pattern. It will simulate the pulses as if they were coming from the pickup with the engine running. When using this feature one can test with a standing (and purged) engine if the ignition unit is actualy generating output to the spark plugs.
  2. Pick-up test
    When the tester is connected to the magnetic pick-up that is mounted on the engine, it will test the output of the pick-up while the engine is cranking. This way, a pick-up can be checked for it’s functioning. Green and red LED’s indicate the test status.
  3. Self test
    Internal check to verify that the tester itself is working properly.

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