Transducers and sensors for industrial applications

Hatraco supplies a large number of sensors in combination with the many different types of control equipment. All these sensors are sold separately and are available in many different versions.

In addition to standard components, it is also possible to supply special variants of magnetic and Hall-effect pickups. Hatraco represents Sensoronix for Europe. Sensoronix is ​​a leading US manufacturer of various types of magnetic pickups for the industry.

Sensors in many designs, electrical penetrations and sight gauges

An overview of available types of sensors within our delivery program:
• Knock sensors / knock sensor (knock detection / knock detection)
• Vibration Sensors (vibration, oscillation)
• Thermocouples (temperature)
• Magnetic sensors (motion, speed)
• Hall effect sensors (motion, speed)
• Lambda sensor / O2 sensor (exhaust gas monitoring, mixture control)
• Sensors Ignition (ignition)
• Pressure sensors (pressure)
• Capacitive sensors (liquid level)
• Tachometers (speed, rotation speed)

Tell us your needs or inquire about the possibilities and we will find the right sensor for your application. In some cases, we can also design and provide development of special sensor models.

Other products for wide applications

Besides motor-oriented products, we also supply other products for general applications:

• Electrical penetrations Auburn:
Auburn electric feedthroughs are used to lead electric current to inaccessible spaces such as storage tanks, pressure vessels, rooms with high temperatures, spaces filled with harmful media. An Auburn feedthrough can withstand very high temperatures and pressures to ensure safe passage of an electrical current.

• Auburn sight glasses: 
The observation ports of Auburn are made to visually monitor the status of a contained process. By means of using high-quality materials a sight glass of Auburn is suitable for high temperatures, pressures and resistant to all sorts of harmful substances.